Norton 360 v6 error 3048 3

Norton 360 v6 Error 3048 3 – The very common Norton 360 v6 error 3048 3 occurs during the installation of the Norton product. This error affects your system performance and slows down the speed of installation. This error can be caused by the issue with Windows registry, missing or corrupted file in the downloaded package.

Incomplete installation of the Norton product can also cause the Norton 360 v6 error 3048 3 on your system. You can try to update the Windows registry entries manually or try to uninstall and reinstall the Norton product to fix the error.

Norton 360 v6 Error 3048 3

Norton 360 v6 Error 3048 3

Methods to resolve Norton 360 v6 error 3048 3:

Method 1 – Repair Windows Registry Entries:

  • Open the Run dialog box, type cmd in the search box and then press enter while holding Ctrl + Shift altogether.
  • Click yes to allow the permission to the program to make changes and then type ‘regedit’ in the command prompt.
  • In the registry editor, search and select the error 3048 3 related key and then select Export from the file menu.
  • From the SaveIn list select the folder name to save the registry key backup and then type the filename in the given field.
  • You need to ensure that you select the Selected Branch from the Export range and then click Save.
  • Make sure that the file is saved along with the .reg extension on your system

You can also try to download and run Windows registry cleaner to automatically repair the Windows registry entries. You can also contact Norton Support or visit for the expert’s guidance.

Method 2 – Uninstall Norton 360:

  • Download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool from the manufacturer website, which will automate the process.
  • After the successful download, you need to run the installer by double-clicking on the Norton setup file.
  • Read and accept the software license agreement, select Agree and then follow the instructions to remove the Norton.
  • Now click Remove and Reinstall Norton 360 and then click Continue or Remove to delete the Norton.
  • You are now required to restart your system after the successful removal of the Norton, to save the changes.
  • When the system starts again then follow the instructions to reinstall the Norton 360 on your system automatically.

Method 3 – Try to run Norton Live Update:

  • Open the Norton dashboard by clicking on the Norton icon and then click Security.
  • In the Security window, you need to click LiveUpdate and then click Ok after successful updates.
  • You will receive a popup message for the successful protection updates then click Ok and stops the LiveUpdate.
  • Now restart your system to save the changes you have made.

By following the either of the methods the Norton 360 v6 error 3048 3 will be fixed and your system will be protected from the threats. If the issue still persists then you need to contact Norton Support directly or visit us at for the further information and help.

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